Monday, November 29, 2010

24th Blog!!!

I just saw that in 2007, the year that I started blogging, I posted over 90 times. And then in 2008 I posted about 90 times. 2009, the year of the brother my posts declined to the 60s. And then I saw that this current year, wich is over in one short month, only has a pathetic 23 entries!! So, this is a fluff entry to beef up my numbers a bit. I hope you enjoyed it. ;)


MiMi said...

I have been in awe of your blogging from day one, and continue to be. The fact that you can even contemplate it, given the demands on your time, amazes me, and then to capture the essence of the moment so perfectly is a real talent. The far-flung family is ever grateful for this gift. So I think it's confidity and beyond for the blog!

XLMIC said...

Blog... schmog... you're over there ripping up the Trivia World! lol

But I like reading your blog a whole lot. Get crackin', chickie!