Sunday, April 11, 2010

Rapidly approaching 4

I'll keep this short. It's beautiful outside. The lawn is mowed. The sprinkler is doing it's job both watering the freshly mowed lawn and providing entertainment for the kids. I've come in only to finish some laundry and to blog a thought.

As you all know, Cady's fourth birthday is in less than two weeks. It's time to do her annual birthday interview video. Please add comments if you can think of some fun questions that should go onto this video. I have a couple in mind but could use some help.

Now, the great outdoors are calling!!


KK said...

I don't have any brilliant ideas but can't wait to see the video!

Great Aunt Sophie said...

1. what happens when you are asleep? (the best moment in last year's interview!)
2. what's it like having a little brother?
3. what's it like having a puppy?
4. when do you think you'll be all grown up?
5. what's your favorite thing about school?

Oh boy, can't wait Paula!! I know you will have lots of great questions.

MiMi said...

Definitely something Coben-centric. How has he changed her life, what will he grow up to be - along those lines? You always seem to zero in on the best ones, though without any help. Can't wait for the results!