Friday, April 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Cady!

Cady woke up to 25 balloons on her bedroom floor! Today is officially "yes" day. Rob and I are trying to say yes as much as possible on her special day even if we have to tweak things a bit. "Yes, you can have that candy..after lunch." Her excitement today is contagious. She is out of her mind thinking about the cupcakes that we made for her class last night. That her family is flying in this afternoon. That we are going to music class. That we are doing our third annual celebration at Gunther Toody's tonight. That she has a fun birthday party planned for Sunday (it was supposed to be Saturday at the park but a forecast for snow squashed those plans). It's good to have something exciting happening after coming off of the excitement of a trip to Grandpas house. Cady had a lot of fun feeding the horses, rough-housing with Grandpa, playing with her cousins Makenzie and Riley, seeing her mom dressed up like a Princess (bridesmaid gown), running around in the great outdoors and cheese shopping with mom and dad. It was a great visit and we miss Grandpa and Grandma already.
Here is the four year old video interview.

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Great Aunt Sophie said...

Amazing what a difference a year makes!