Monday, February 15, 2010

First Steps

Let me start by saying that today was a fantastic day. Nobody is sick. Cady didn't have school. And so we had the entire day ahead of us and had a really great time. We visited the Buttefly Pavillion which both kids loved. We had lunch at "MsDonalds" and spent time at the Playplace. We stopped by Emmas and they ran wild for a while. We haven't had an opportunity in quite some time to just have FUN and I think it was great for all of us.

Last night we celebrated Coben's first birthday two weeks early. Most of you know that two very good friends of mine had their babies right after Coben. Three babies, three days in a row. The funny thing is that all of us were due in March and we all delivered early. One of the good friends is moving out of town next week so we decided to bump up the celebration and have it on Valentine's Day. I'll try to post some pictures soon but the boys did great. They properly smooshed their Cars cake and wore the red icing like a badge of honor. So maybe because Coben thinks he is one he decided to start walking.

Tonight Coben took his first steps. He's been standing on his own for a while but has been very meek about even trying to take steps. Tonight he picked up a foot, realized he could do it and by the end of the night was taking multiple steps down the hallyway. The kids ended up taking turns putting on their shows. Coben would take a few steps and get lots of applause (he's not too modest to applaud himself) and then Cady would take a turn doing flips and spins. We even had Wall-E and Jenny crowded into the hallway to take in the show.

What's a blog without a chuckle? Even if it's at my expense I'll share. Cady today says to me, "I want a big butt likes yours so mine can dance in the shower too". Ha ha haaaaaa.


Great Aunt Sophie said...

And what kind of shower dances are we doing?? So glad you all got to have a fun day....and congratulations Coben-I bet he's very pleased w/ himself!

Krumpledwhiskers said...

Yeah, the problem is that *I* am not dancing!

Starin said...

Way to insult Paula, Sophie! :-)
I can't wait to see Coben walk.

Great Aunt Sophie said...

Hey!! I was just curious :)