Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New Do

Cady requested short hair. I was 100% down with it because I'm tired of the length difference between her bangs and the rest of her hair. At least now we can grow it back out and it'll be one length. It was scary there for a moment. Initially I thought we'd go just a few inches shorter and then the hair lady said she could go even shorter than what I suggested. I said to go for it but Rob was an odd shade of white. She DID want a pixie cut so I think this was a good compromise. We were both scared to death though of her reaction and pictured a scenario of her wanting her hair back....and we all know how persistent she can be. Instead, she was very matter of fact about it when it was done. Anyhow, the end result (keep in mind that the bangs are STILL growing out).


Great Aunt Sophie said...

Very grown up! Not so French braid friendly though :) Cady can probably pull off any style!

Starin said...

I love it!

KMK said...

It's funny how different she can look from picture to picture. Love the do!