Sunday, July 5, 2009

July 4th

During the week Cady and I went to buy decorations for her wagon for the Fourth of July Parade. We tried to decorate the wagon on Thursday but clouds moved in and it looked like it was going to rain so we decided to wait until Friday.
On Friday Cady was super-excited to decorate her wagon. "In the afternoon when it cools down" we kept telling her. That morning she and I went to Supper Solutions together and assembled 250.00 worth of frozen meals for the month. We got home, put them in the freezer and then ran to Wal-mart for some staple food items. Anyone that knows me knows that I cannot stand Wal-mart. I rarely go. But some of the items that I needed I knew for a fact were 1/2 the price of the regular grocery store so we braved it.
An hour later as we are getting ready to check-out we can hear thunder. Hearing thunder inside of a busy Wal-mart is pretty impressive. Then the electricity went out. We managed to check-out only to find ourselves in a mass of people standing at the door waiting to leave. It was one serious storm outside and we were now trapped inside, of all places, Wal-mart! =( Lightning was everywhere and the rain was coming down in buckets. We waited with everyone else while I prayed that our popsicles did not turn into a puddle of goo before we got out of there. If not for the heavy lightning and not knowing where I parked we *might* have made a dash for it just to save the popsicles.
After a 20 minute wait the rain slowed down to the point where we could at least see in front of us and we made a dash for the car. Naturally (b/c things were going to smoothly at this point)we were diverted by the police because the road home was flooded. We finally made it home only to find that our electricity was out as well. I squeezed the popsicles into the freezer between the $250.00 worth of "frozen" food and we went out and watched the storm.
Unfortunately the garage door does not open without electricity so we were not able to decorate the wagon. We spent the better part of the evening wedging ice in the freezer trying to keep everything cold. Cady ended up having to go to bed without decorating the wagon because three hours later the electricity was still not on. She was a little freaked out about the dark house and that was only exacerbated by fireworks going off EVERYWHERE around us.
Rob and I sat in the dark playing the, "Huh, what should we do now" game until 11:30 when the power finally came back on...6 1/2 hours after it went out.
The morning of July 4th we hustled to the parade site with our naked wagon and a bag of decorations. We were able to get it together in time for the parade and it looked like this:

Cady and Dad entered the Balloon Toss contest

And she misses. Maybe the bangs were in the way!

Even Butters got into the Red, White and Blue spirit!

And then a bath for Butters to get all spiffied up before the BBQ

Sloan's Lake waiting for the "Big" fireworks that turned out to be a major let-down.

But at least Cady, Emma and Lily got some running in

And with the exception of one time in Maine when she was sick, this is the ONLY time this has ever happened. Proof of all of the fun that was had.


KMK said...

Aside from being trapped in Walmart, sounds like a great time. Coben looks totally chill in his bath :)

Great Aunt Sophie said...

Yikes! Prisoner in Walmart...what a cruel fate. I still can't believe the stormy summer you are having. Glad you were able to hang onto the freezer items. Looks like you still did a great job w/ decorations. Is Starin leading a double life? FB shows her off camping?? And did it turn to winter by fireworks time?

MiMi said...

Supper solutions, $250.00; Walmart, $22.98; Cady falling asleep on the couch after a glorious Fouth - priceless! Treasure the memory (who knows when it will happen again!)