Saturday, March 28, 2009

A camping we will go!

Last night we had our first camp-out. Well sort of. We camped out in the living room. I bought some supplies earlier in the day. Supplies for S'mores, Popcorn, Frozen Pizza and Licorice. When Rob got home from work (much ealier than anticipated due to a burst sprinkler line) he pulled the sleeping bags and flashlight out of the garage. The most important part of the night was that there was to be no distractions. No cleaning, no computer, no phones.
At 6:00 we set up camp. Cady was about ready to come out of her skin she was so excited. We laid out the sleeping pads and the bags. I popped some pizza in the oven and Rob set-up the movie...Meet the Robinson's. I brought out Coben's Bassinet and we were ready to go.
I do not like Smores. I've always considered them highly overrated and NOT worth eating. Until last night that is. I discovered the secret of a good Smore. Low Fat graham crackers and EXTRA dark chocolate. The bittesweet chocolate and marshmallow combo is perfect. It makes a sickeningly sweet treat into a taste sensation!
Anyhow, back to camping.
I wish I could say more about the experience. I was alseep before the movie was over and before the corn was popped. Rob says it was 7:30. I do know that Cady, for the first time ever, didn't wear her pull-ups to bed and had a successful night. I do know that I started out on a sleeping pad buffering my aging hips from the wood floor but woke up with Coben on my pad and me on the floor. Lucky guy!


Great Aunt Sophie said...

I wish that there were pictures of all of you out under the tv screen stars! What a great adventure...these are the things that Cady (Little C is too little) will remember about growing up w/ extra cool of mine was going out for walks at night time in snow storms. For some reason that was always really exciting. I converted to dark chocolate smores quite a while ago!

Krumpledwhiskers said...

Trial and error I suppose. I thought it was the smores I didn't like..who knew it was just the wrong kind of chocolate! :) Walking at night during I can see how that would be a good memory. I have a lot to learn from Gigi.

KMK said...

So how did the idea of the camping "trip" come about? I bet dark chocolate Dove would make good s'mores if only the chocolate would melt. Not sure if they're too thick.

Krumpledwhiskers said...

I'm not sure what made me think of camping but it just sounded like fun and a way to have a FREE mini-vacation.
Great minds Katharine. I considered the dark chocolate doves because we actually had some on hand but they're too thick..especially for microwave smores. But I think even those might be a little too sweet for me for smores. I'm talking EXTRA dark 85% cocoa.

KMK said...

Ah, so you would need something like little Ghirardelli squares.