Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Snow Garb

We received a list of clothing that Cady needs for school. The list included snow pants, boots, waterproof gloves...all the things we didn't have. So today Rob and I both had the day off together AND Cady had school. This has never happened and what a treat to go shopping with just the two of us. It was a little difficult to get into the leisure mode as we both had the nagging feeling of "Isn't there somewhere we need to be" or "We'd better hurry and get out of here" but we found a rhythm and were able to buy Cady some new snow garb. Sophie I only wish you could see all the sparkles in her new scarf. You and Cady have a lot in common with your love of sparkles. We also shopped for Stocking Stuffers for Cady..what a Blast!!!! We absolutely cannot wait for Christmas. It's going to be so much fun this year. We also went to the furniture store to figure out how much we need to save up to get a bedroom set for Cady (big girl bed) and some new dressers for both. Afterwards we had lunch then we went to a really great gourmet deli and just walked around admiring all of the fun foods. It was a great day.
And I received great news via phone when we got home that I am anemic. Thank God!! I thought I was just getting really old since I am always out of breath, get fatigued raising my arms over my head, have been dizzy and am just plain tired. I'll just have to work on putting more iron in my diet.

Cady was running away from me while I was taking pics but here's the general idea.


Great Aunt Sophie said...

Go Sparkle Girl!! That is quite the scarf...looks like a wintery boa! Pink certainly seems to be the favorite color choice. Glad that she's getting trained in on sparkle appreciation at such a young age!

Great Aunt Sophie said...

PS Glad the two of you had such a fun day! I'm sure that you are looking forward to adding some nice liver to your diet Paula!

Krumpledwhiskers said...

Pink and Purple are both the colors of choice these days. She, who has not yet even watched her first Princess movie, is somehow all about Princesses right now.So Pastels, Sparkle and Frill are all in. I love it.
Liver. Yeah. There are MANY MANY MANY things I will try before I go there. :)