Friday, November 7, 2008

By request

The origin of Coben Wade.
Rob liked the name Wade. It's his dad's middle name. So we decided to use it as the middle name. Now for the Coben part. Dare I admit this part?? We just couldn't come up with a name that we weren't ambivalent about. So, one night in bed, I told Rob to pick a number between 1 and 100. He picked, I don't know, let's say page 32. I opened the book read the names and there was Coben. Different, strong, and just plain nice (or we think so). And we BOTH liked it which doesn't happen to much in the name-picking process. I looked it up on the social security website and it's never been a top 500 name which is even better. And we both like nicknames and this one has so much potential. Cobe, Coby, Ben. So, we've been rolling it around for a little while, trying it out on the little guy, using it in sentences, letting Cady say it outloud...and we still like it. And this time you all found out as soon as we knew it was going to be THE name! Not too much different than the bathroom reader and highlight method that we used when choosing Cady's name!


MiMi said...

Very nice! And I like Ben!! (sounds kinda like, oh, I don't know, maybe Barley?)

KMK said...

Sounds like a good an approach :) I like your selections and I bet Daddy was very flattered.