Monday, October 27, 2008

The Potty

I've put a lot of faith in recent literature which suggests that you really don't have to do much when it comes to potty training. When a child is ready, they'll take the lead. I've watched all these other toddlers around us starting to use the potty and have had to bite my lip and tie my own hands down from trying to actively *do* something to start potty training Cady. Well, sure enough, she woke up the other day and started talking about using the potty "just like Bitzabella" (Isabella) her new *older* school friend. And that very day, she went into the bathroom, shut the door and proceeded to potty. The rest of the day she peed 100% of the time in the potty! The following day she graduated to poop and pee. Wow! Anyhow, she's doing great.

The reason I'm sharing this is 1) to reveal my pride in Cady taking the next step to being a big girl and 2) primarily because there's a cute story attached.

Cady's been watching Rob a little bit too much in the bathroom. Tonight after she peed, she got up off the toilet, pinched her girl parts together and started shaking them in front of the toilet. I could have died laughing!

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