Wednesday, September 24, 2008

An update on school

Things couldn't be going better. She talks about going to playschool all the time. Even on my days off!! Of course on the way to school she goes through her list, "I no don't like school. I no like Ms. Mira. I no like Isabella (her friend) but then she gets there and quickly brushes Rob off as she runs off to play.

Last night Cady talked again about the "other teacher" from the other center that she says was mean and scary. She said last night that the teacher hits kids. Rob asked if the teacher hit her and she said no, just Kelso. Huh.

And I had to file a claim against them because their check was returned and they still haven't paid me back the money that they "mistakenly" withdrew from my account nor have they responded to my written request asking them to correct the situation. Fun!

But hey, Cady loves school!!!!

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