Monday, September 15, 2008

Today at Target...

Cady and I were walking through the store. Her big treat when we go to Target is that it is the only store that she is allowed to walk through and doesn't have to be confined to a cart. That doesn't come without a price. So, whenever we go to Target, we first pass the purses. Cady usually spends time trying to pick one out for me. "How about this big red purse mom? You need a red purse? Mommy! A purple purse? You want a purse mommy?" After purses comes the lingerie section. She gets really excited everytime we pass through the lingerie section. Today was no exception.
So, this all happens in slow-mo in front of me. Just as I see Cady dart into the bra section, I spot a lone man coming our way. I braced myself and cringed at the same time hoping that he either walks fast enough or slow enough to not be present when Cady pops back out. But no. Sure enough, right as this lone man is crossing our path Cady pops out and yells in her very excited and loud Cady voice, "Mommy!!! You want orange boobies??" (referring to an orange bra she spotted). I think the man that was crossing our path was more embarrassed than me as I could tell he had no idea what to do with his eyes as he passed. lol.

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