Wednesday, September 3, 2008

First day at the new school

Today was Cady's first day at her new "school". Otherwise referred to as "going to Ms. Mira's house." I called the house at around 8 not realizing that Rob had already tried to call me twice. When he answered he said, "Help me!" Apparently as soon as Cady realized she was going to school she once again went into full melt-down mode. They were in the car driving to Ms. Miras when I called (at least this time he was able to get her IN the car!) Rob put her on the phone and I gave her the "suck it up" speech and told her she was going to be fine, mom would pick her up at 4 and we'd get ice cream together. She seemed a little calmer. Rob said when they got to the house Cady was quite upset, but Ms. Mira whisked her onto the couch and started reading her a book. Rob snuck out.
I picked her up this afternoon and she looked good. I don't think I can ever erase the image of how she looked that first day I picked her up at the other place. She looked nothing like that. Ms. Mira gave me a notebook full of information about her day and a stack of Cady's artwork. Cady played around in the yard while we talked and gave no indication whatsoever that she was ready to leave. Ms. Mira said that Cady cried for pretty much the first two hours and asked for her "sweet mama" but with distractions she did okay. The rest of the day was much better. She even took a short nap.
I took Cady to "Donalds" as promised and we had an ice cream cone. At the last place she refused to tell me about anything she did during the day...the only thing she would say is "No school" or "school scary". But this time she proceeded to tell me about her day. I found out through her Cady chatter that they sang the "Happy Birthday song", they colored with markers, they watered the garden, they picked tomatoes and they played. She said her favorite thing about the day was when Dylan (11 months) slid down the slide all by himself. She said Ms. Mira was "nice" and school was "very fun". I won't be surprised if she still cries the next time she has to go but that is normal. What wasn't normal was the dread and the constant concern about not going back. She is showing absolutely no anxiety about going back or during our conversations about school. So, today I feel like the luckiest person in the world because 1) we explored back-up options and had the option to change her schools (usually wait lists are amazingly long) 2) We were able to find coverage for the interim 3) We had the resources to change. I can't imagine if we didn't which many parents don't...and how hard that must be to not be able to do what is right in your heart because you are limited by your resources (or lack of) 4) Because I have a really great husband who puts family first. The new place is the total opposite direction or Rob's work which has him driving even longer to get to work and going in later..but he's willing to do it for our Cady girl.

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