Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Trip to Wisconsin

We were unable to go to Maine this year, but the week before I returned to work we decided that a drive up to Wisconsin would be affordable and quick. It ended up being about 15 hours each way. That's a lot of driving with a two year old but Cady did pretty darned well considering. If you keep her loaded up on snacks, buy a pack of dum-dums and give her one every time you stop for gas, point out every "glitter pole" (flashing tower), cow, yellow car, train and motorcycle that passes and play The Wiggles ad nauseum, it keeps her happy.
We had two sets of directions. One from Google and one from Mapquest and can you believe they were both wrong? They led us the right way until you actually get into farm country. Then we ended up on County Road I out with the Amish buggies on a long path to nowhere with both cell phones dead...but we worked our way out of the mess and made it to Grappas house!
The FIRST thing Cady had to do was feed the horses. They'll probably have diarrhea now for a week considering how many green apples they got from Cady that weekend, but it was probably one of her favorite things. Oh, that and getting Chocolate Milk and Ice Cream ALL THE TIME (thanks Dad!), swimming in Grappas jacuzzi tub, doing acrobatics with Grappa, watering the lawn with Gramma Diane and just getting spoiled in general. I'm really glad she had that opportunity! It was a short but fun trip. One of the HUGE bonuses of driving to Wisconsin is going to the cheese shop and stocking up on cheese so we can eat ourselves silly when we get home (which we did!)
The trip back was a little rough on all of us. There hadn't been enough time and distance between the last 15 hour drive before we had to do it all over again. We were all on the grouchy side on the drive home. The only thing that kept Cady going on the first day return trip home was the promise of a pool. And we drove everywhere looking for a hotel with a pool. Paid too much. She swam for 20 minutes before the clouds moved in and the wind started blowing and put an end to swimming. Blah!
We made it home safely last night and I started back to work this morning and Cady started her first day of school today as well. That's another blog.
Riding the tractor with Grappa

Calling the horses

I love her little knock-knees

Playing at the park

Petting horses with Grappa

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