Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Final Final Childcare update

Well, it's really easy to second guess and wonder if you did the right thing. "Were we being too soft?" "Were we reading in more than was actually there?" I was glad for one final visit because I now have no residual doubts.

So, we've had Cady out of childcare for over a week now and she still talks about not going back. I had to go in there today to pick up her stuff that we left. Cady was totally fine going in. She was fine talking with the receptionists. We went into the wrong room the first time. The teacher gave Cady some glue and asked if she wanted to play with the kids. She was fine. I realized we were in the wrong room, duh (I was confused because it was the teacher they TOLD me Cady would have when we toured). Then we went to the right room. Nobody was in the room. We started looking around for her stuff. She was fine. The kids came in. She was fine. One of the co-teachers came in and talked to Cady, she was fine. Her teacher came in and Cady nearly lost her mind when she saw her. Huge tears, trying to climb through me, asking me to get her out of there. Her anxiety went THROUGH THE ROOF! I can say that I have NEVER seen her have a reaction like that to a person. Instead of giving Cady space, she kept coming at her trying to hug her and talk to her which sent her into an even worse space. Anyhow, I'm glad we decided what we did. It doesn't look like something she would have moved past.

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