Sunday, August 17, 2008

Daycare, day 2

I went in to work a little later on Friday because we had meetings. I figured I'd take Cady to school and maybe she'd do better since it's a big switch to not see me at all in the morning and then spend the day at school. Bad idea! She sobbed the entire way in the car, "No school mommy! I don't want to go to school mommy!". When we got there, "Crayon" the daycare dog was there which was such a relief because Cady brightened up when she saw him. But then I walked her into the room and she instantly erupted into tears. HUGE tears were rolling down her face and she was crying, "no mommy!" Her teacher took her from me. I tried to be nonchalant although I was dying inside. I told her that I loved her and I'd see her at 4. As I walked down the hall, near tears, I could hear her crying for me. I held the tears until I opened the door and then I couldn't hold them anymore. I called Rob who convinced me that we were not going to traumatize her, ruin or destroy her life by having her in child care two days a week. In my head I know that and I know it'll take some adjustment time, but man does this suck!
Rob ended up working from home and had to leave early because of a showing so he was able to pick her up early. He took her to McDonalds and she talked his ear off while they had ice cream together. He said she was in an awesome mood! Her daily report said she had a good day (in between intermitten tears and asking for mom and dad). She's always been self-conscious about singing out loud but now that she's in school she belts it out. I can tell which songs they sung that day by listening to her singing around the house. I think she likes it. I think the separation piece and missing us is a separate issue. I'm hopeful that she won't always cry when she is there. The other positive is that on her reports it shows that she tries to go potty everytime they ask. That's more than she does for us. I think seeing the other kids get stickers when they go is really motivating for her.
I do have a lingering concern that nap time seems to be so stressful for her. We are told that everything is going just fine, but she gets really upset when she talks about having to take a nap. She said she was in trouble for jumping. I can believe that and I know there will be adjustment, but the discrepancy in what we are told versus how it really is is something we'll need to ask about.

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