Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I Can Go Potty

We've gotten nowhere with potty training this summer. All I've really managed to teach Cady is that sitting on the potty=chocolate. Once a day she says, "I want to try and potty, I need chocolate." So, maybe the M&M method was a little misguided. Of all the times that she has sat on the potty, she's never gone. We sit and read, I give her cups of water to drink, I've run the water, nothing!
Yesterday, Rob, Cady and I went to the Library. Cady saw a potty video and wanted to check it out. We got home and she wanted to watch it. Okay. I pop it in and she who sits still for nothing actually sat in my lap and watched the entire video without getting up once! As soon as the credits rolled she announced, "I have to go pee and poop." I get her chair and bring it to the living room (expecting more of the same). She sits down, jumps up and shows me a little splash of pee. Woohoo! Then she sat down and finished. It was a very exciting moment! So, I'm not expecting miracles but how cool that it only took a video that explained it the "right" way to her for her to have an AHA! moment and be able to do it.

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