Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Proud Parent Moment

We went to our first scocer practice and it was so much fun! I really wondered if they can do anything with two year olds and the answer is YES!! Not only is she learning some great soccer skills, but she is really learning how to listen and follow-directions. Rob and I were in total awe as to how much she understands and what she is capable of that we didn't even know. They encourage the parents to stay to the sides so that the kids will listen to Coach Susie. It was amazing to watch all these 2 year olds do things like lining-up or doing stretching exercises.

Some of the drills were:

Chasing a rolling hula hoop and trying to catch it before it stops and falls over.

Playing Red Ball, Green Ball (same as red light green light) which helps them practice stopping and starting

Kicking the ball across the field and then into the net (the balls are fire and you can't touch them with your hands)

They set up a whole bunch of colored cones and buckets and the 2 year olds got to run around like crazy kicking cones over

She set up orange and green cones as well as red buckets. Then she would give them jobs like "bring me two large green cones" or "bring me one small orange cone" After each job they complete they got a new job.

Trapping the ball with their foot and then trapping a small plastic bucket laying on it's side with their foot and then flipping it right-side up.

On another note. I'm amazed at how many parents do not expect their kids to follow directions. Not just at soccer but we see it at music class and other places too. The instructor will say something like, "okay, I need you to wait until I count to three and then go get a ball." One or two kids go and get a ball before the coach even starts counting and the parents just let them. That's not the best example but things like that. I'm surprised that they wouldn't want them to work on following directions....especially when they are totally capable of doing so.

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