Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Cady!!!

Let me first mention how much fun it is to have a little one celebrating a birthday. Something happened once I hit my 30's where my wonBirthdays just aren't as much fun to celebrate, but it sure is fun to celebrate Cady's! I can't believe she is two!! In some ways it seems like it's been a lifetime with her already and in other ways it just seems to fly by!

After work tonight, I picked up Rob and Cady and we met our friends (the parents of three of Cady's friends) at Gunther Toody's (a 50's diner) for dinner.

When her friends started showing up she was really excited!

Then they put an autographed paper hat on her head, grabbed her out of her seat, and took her to the front of the restaurant to do the twist for her birthday. Thank God Rob went up with her. I hate that kind of thing. You can see her little friends off to the side for support.

And these are pics of our dainty little flower eating a cupcake

This is post-party after getting out of the car. She is crying "No more picture Daddy!"

Oh, but despite being "done" we still had gifts to open!

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