Monday, February 18, 2008

Weekend in Estes

This weekend we went up to Estes Park. We rented a great condo and spent the weekend with our friends Jerimy, Gretchen, Rob and Carey and their kids Brooke and Emma. It's funny how much we look forward to a weeekend away but once we are there we realize how bad things go when you get out of the routine with a toddler. I can say that all of us were feeling that way. As per the norm, none of the kids really wanted to sleep and by the time we'd finally get them down all of us adults were done for the night. The stay up and party days are long gone! Regardless, we had a good time hanging out with our friends and just being away from Denver.

We did a LOT of this!

This is why we went up....snowshoeing!! Except we didn't even make it to the trailhead. After about 1/2 mile on this road all of the kids were DONE!!! So, we brought our snowshoes but never actually got to wear them!

The Puff Girls


Every night at 5:00 we had seven deer at our door!

The Nightlife!!

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