Wednesday, January 16, 2008

She-Woman Boy Hater's Club!

Would you believe that this kid is the founder and president of the club??

She's been having issues with other toddlers lately and Rob and I just realized that it's not just other's ONLY other toddlers of the opposite sex. She had her friend Mack over recently and it was the longest hour of playtime ever. She wouldn't let him touch ANYTHING in the house!

At the Dr.'s office she stalked and bullied this little boy that was about a month older than her. She nearly pulled his cheeks off of his face at one point which made me want to crawl under the chair in the waiting room and hide.

At music class this week (our first class where we are JUST meeting people for the first time) a mom entrusted her baby boy to me while she retrieved something from across the room. Cady reached across me and completely unprovoked pushed him and then tried to put him into some kind of head lock or something. That was pure joy when his mom came back and I'm trying to extricate her much younger son from my delicate little daughter's grip!

Oh...and how the list goes on!!

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