Friday, January 25, 2008

Potty Training

Holy cow! I'm not sure what happened but Cady decided she wants to start using the potty. A couple of nights ago she wanted to sit on the potty so we brought it out to the living room and she sat and watched tv and pottied. She was so excited that she kept talking about it "I went pee pee in potty" and Rob said even when he put her to bed it was the last thing she said before he left the room.

Well, flash forward to this morning. Cady was up a LARGE part of the night last night so I was exhausted. She was in bed with me when the alarm went off. I asked her to turn it off and she did and I fell back asleep (she must have dozed with me) and overslept so I REALLY had to kick it into high gear to get ready for work on time.

So I'm out of the shower, I've got Cady dressed, I'm trying to cook her breakfast. She says she has to pee. I undress her put her on the potty and wait as long as it takes. She says she's all done, I rediaper her and resume cooking. A few minutes later she says she has to pee. I undiaper her again, put her on the potty and wait as long as it takes. She says she's all done. I resume cooking. I put her meal on the table she starts crying and says she has to poo-poo. (She was constipated today, she cried yesterday too when she said she had to poop) So by now, you know that I took her diaper off, put her on the potty and waited as long as it took. There was a fourth time at 8:25. Well, usually at 8:30 Cady's nanny arrives and I walk out the door. Today at 8:30, Cady's nanny arrives and I'm sitting on the bathroom floor only half-dressed for work with no make-up and wet hair. FUN! I looked like a drowned rat most of the day (my new mommy potty-training look I guess) b/c I didn't have time to do my hair.

Experienced moms...tell me that the novelty eventually wears off and it won't be like this every morning. Lie to me if you have to. Please!

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