Monday, December 10, 2007

Peepee in the potty

Cady has a potty chair but the only use that it gets is as a step stool to brush her teeth. Which is fine because she is young and we are waiting until she is showing signs that she is ready to start training. Supposedly there are five signs of readiness. In theory, if you start training before they show signs of readiness then it can take a LOT longer and be a much bigger struggle than starting a kid who has reached that developmental milestone. The signs of readiness are:
1. Takes Off Own Clothes
2. Talks about Using the Potty
3. Does a Potty Dance?
4. Shows an Interest in the Bathroom or Toilet
5. Stays Dry Overnight & During Naps
So, up until recently Cady has been unable to take off her own clothes. She does not talk about using the potty. If I casually mention to her, "would you like to try and use the potty?" she quickly says, "NO!" and it's the end of the discussion. The only potty dance she does is a little bend and grunt when she is...well, you that hardly qualifies as a dance. She has been showing an interest for quite a long time. Not necessarily in *her* toilet but in everything about *me* using the toilet. If she sees me heading the direction of the bathroom, she absolutely lights up and says "mommy peepee!" and runs after me. And usually a very sarcastic sounding "yay!" is silently echoing in my head. Once in there she has to get toilet paper ready for me and then she drops it between my legs. Sometimes she has to cock her head and look down there to see what is going on? If this sounds like too much information, all I can say is, "yeah, tell me about it!" Then Cady has to flush the toilet and say, "bye-bye pee pee!" So, my point is that #4 on the list is well covered. #5 is not even close.
So, this weekend we were in Vegas (that's another blog) and I brought Cady to my friend Diane's house so that I could visit with her and my other friend Angela who I haven't seen in two years (pre-Cady). Right as dinner is about to be served Cady drops drawers and says "Poo-poo on the potty". My jaw drops because not only did I not realize that she can take her pants down but she has never even hinted at wanting to use the potty. So I take her in, she straddles the big potty, tears off toilet paper, drops it between her legs and we flush. I didn't really expect her to go so it went just as expected. I diaper her back up and get ready to eat and what does she say, "Poo poo in the potty" YES!! Now it's a game!! Sweet!! I leave the table knowing full well we are going to repeat what we just finished doing and sure enough!!
Oh well, she IS role-playing which is a positive sign. The kid has timing though!

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Mommy to Ander and Wife to Box said...

That's what Ander does. But, to this point, I did not consider that he would do it in public, during a dinner party. Now I'm scared!