Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Criss-miss, Tanta, and Peasants...oh my!

Getting ready to go to Christmas Eve Church service. Boy that was fun! Don't expect a toddler who didn't eat her dinner (or whose parents aren't bright enough to pack snacks) to sit through communion without YELLING. "Bread!! More bread!!! Juice Juice Juice!"

Christmas Eve we have a tradition of opening one gift...Pajamas or Jommies if you are Cady. That's so we can wear them to bed and then wear them ALL day on Christmas! Nothing better than hanging out in Christmas Jommies. The following pictures are of us in our Christmas Jommies.

This was NOT in the forecast. How wonderful to wake up to Chritmas snow! I could see it falling outside of our window, but I never expected to see this when I looked outside!! It snowed the entire day which made it feel so Christmassy!

Cady woke up around 8 and ventured into the living room. She was shocked and somewhat overwhelmed to see a horsey sitting in her living room! A little freaked out, she skirted past the horse and immediately went over to her kitchen set to start playing. Our very favorite part of this set is that it has a little sink so that Cady can pretend to wash her hands. I gave her an empty bottle of hand soap and she can't get enough. Lately she has been driving us CRAZY with wanting to wash her hands ALL THE TIME. We are so glad that she can now pretend all she wants.

When she opened up her pans she was so excited and then the playing REALLY began. Mimi got Cady her own personalized set of kitchen tools which thrilled Cady. Probably because I am inclined to use wooden spoons more than the average person, Cady spotted the wooden fork, seized it from the pack, yelled "FORK!" and RAN to her kitchen set. It seemed to be EXACTLY what she needed to finish her masterpiece. She was also thrilled with the whisk since she was able to help me make cake the other day and that involved stirring with a whisk. In no time at all she'll be in the kitchen baking cakes with Aunt Sophie. Rob and I don't think we've actually ever seen Cady concentrate this long on one toy! Woohoo!!

Cady got a kick out of her other gifts as well. Her great Aunt Sophie and Uncle Chris got her a myriad of stuffed animals. I'm not sure she knew what to make of the octopus but elephants are VERY exciting in Cadyland! They also sent her a very fun book that we can't wait to read together. Her other grandmother sent her an electronic Winnie-the-Pooh book set and Grampy sent her some money. Initially Cady was very excited thinking of all the Elmo shwag she could buy with that money but we had to break the bad news that it was going into her bank account. Poor Cady.

And then there is Cady's newly beloved "Hosee" I'm not over the nearly having a heartattack stage watching her try to get on and off of it all by herself. She's fallen a couple of times but since she has lived to tell about it I suppose I ought to relax.

And finally we had our annual Christmas Dinner with the Pfeiffers which we always look forward to. It's really nice to spend at least a part of the day with family and it's doubly nice to be treated to a great meal while spending that time together. Tim cooks a mean Prime Rib.


Letti said...

Paula it looks like you had a wonderful Christmas. The kitchen set is so cute. I love the horse. Cady is getting so big. Kids sure do make Christmas fun again.

KMK said...

Very cute pictures! Cady is looking so grown up, especially in the first one.

Great Aunt Sophie said...

I'm so gald you had a great xmas! Do we have to worry about Cady developing OCD tendencies? We also had the most beautiful, picturesque all day xmas snow- couldn't have been better!

D Squared said...

Great pictures! I'm glad that Cady is so into her horsey and her kitchen. I'm thinking that Kirsi would really like a spring horse - maybe for her birthday!
PW Dana

Krumpledwhiskers said...

DEVELOPING OCD qualities? Ha!! She's full-blown!!

Krumpledwhiskers said...

Dana and Collette! So good to see you both here! Thanks for posting comments. Dana, you should definitely get Kirsi a ho-see!