Tuesday, November 13, 2007

In the news...

It's been 10 days but I think I'm out of blog fuel. What can I say?
Cady is back to calling her daddy, "Rob"
She has a crazy dance that involves, spinning, jumping, bopping and hair wagging.
After a LOT of practice and determination she has learned to jump
She is absolutely into books. It's her favorite thing to do and storytime is a constant request.
She's talking in sentences.
She wears our shoes and walks around

She's being VERY bossy. She tells us when to stop singing. She patrols the kids in music class and thinks that she is in charge of clean-up time.
She's singing. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star is her favorite.
She climbs and climbs and climbs.
She is a hoot the last hour before bedtime when she just loves to tickle, roughhouse and give hugs and kisses.
She goes down the slide all by herself, which is a big achievement in her eyes.
Oh, and she still gets crazy bed head!


KMK said...

Sounds like Cady has been very busy lately, which means you guys must be too :)

Very funny that she calls Rob "Rob".

That's great that she's into books now. Quite a change from the story hour I sat in on at the library this spring.

Phenomenal bed head!

Great Aunt Sophie said...

Thanks for the update! Keep them coming when you have the time/energy...maybe we could have a video of the crazy dance!? Maybe we'll have to start a Gigi blog when she gets here!

Krumpledwhiskers said...

It is quite funny that she calls Rob, "Rob" but even funnier is when the Robert comes out.
Story time at that age is more an osmosis effect :)
Glad you approve of the bed head. I kind of like the close-up b/c you can see every kink. It's impressive.
Thanks for the feedback Great Aunt Sophie (GAS!), I would LOVE to get the crazy dance on video and have tried NUMEROUS times? Call me insane...if you go by that definition of insanity where you do the same thing over and over and it produces the same effect. The effect being Crazy Dance turns into instant Stand Still No Dance and yet I keep trying.