Thursday, October 4, 2007

Let the Terrible Twos begin!!

Wow!! I'm not sure how else to express it. I guess we were thinking that the Terrible Twos begin when you hit the age of...well, two! But now I understand that they begin in the second year. I don't like it. For those that have not experienced the Terrible Twos let me explain to you what it is like.
Our little ball of emotions is learning ways to express those emotions and it's not pretty. Her preferred method of expression is letting out a loud and annoying screetch followed by YELLING "NO!" and smacking whatever is in her path. We are not smackers. We don't spank and we don't smack hands so at first it made me really worried when she started doing this, until another mom explained to me that it is not necessarily a learned behavior. She told me to think about it in the same way as when they throw themselves on the floor in rage. It's not as if she's learned that from me or Rob because neither one of us, at least not that we'll admit, has thrown ourselves on the floor when things aren't going our way. But anyhow, our little smack-and-no demon is using this tactic to the excess. She runs around the house screetching, yelling "No" and smacking and our first impulse is to react to it by firmly guessed it, "No!" But then we would be engaged in a no-war with the word "no" rapid firing between parent and toddler. And I'm not just theorizing here, we learned by the old fashioned trial and error and it is quite ridiculous when you find yourself in a "no" fight with a two year old. So instead, we actually have to be the adults and use our calm voices and say, "Cady, we don't hit, we need to be gentle" and show her what gentle is like. And then she follows along like a good little girl and demonstrates that she understands what we are saying and asking of her by being gentle and then she punctuates it with a loud "NO" at the end. Let me tell you, this stuff is fun! We really missed out by not having twins I tell ya!

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