Thursday, September 13, 2007

Crabby Cady Returns

Oh my!!

Since we returned from Ripley last month we have had this charming, sweet, little girl. She has been on a regular routine, easy-going, and just all around sweet.

And then the lower molars!!

Tonight was Cady's first music class and it was not fun. She had several really fierce tantrums. The loud scream, tighten the body and flail kind of tantrums. And of course we are sitting in a circle so everyone is watching when she has these tantrums. It's hard to act casual when all eyes are on your child screaming and flailing.

And then the throwing. In her agitated state, she decided that throwing musical instruments is better than playing musical instruments. She nearly hit an infant with an egg shaker...twice, and she DID hit the music teacher in the head with her rhythm sticks. I wanted to crawl under the rug.

After class, I told Rob, "that was not fun" and Rob answered, "no, it was not".

Then my stupid mommy moment. Rob went to meet his friends and I thought that it would be a good idea to take Cady to McDonalds for dinner. We never eat fast food and I thought change of scenery+fun food=light-hearted child. WRONG!!

Within the first couple of minutes she was screaming and flailing when I wouldn't let her carry the tray. As soon as I took the cap off her milk jug she screamed and swatted it and spilled the entire contents onto herself, the floor, the high chair, and splashed the woman in the booth next to us. I'm grabbing stacks of napkins trying to mop some of the milk up and she's now onto her next tantrum because she realizes that her milk jug is empty. We packed up and headed out.

Molars are NOT fun!


KMK said...

The video is so dark that I can't even see it... Is it really here?

KMK said...

I hope Crabby Cady doesn't stick around too long.

Krumpledwhiskers said...

Yeah, we are hoping the same! She actually had a pretty good day today. Rob took her to her first swim lessons, she didn't nap all day, made it through a dinner party tonight a good hour past her bedtime and nothing bad happened.