Monday, September 3, 2007

Oh, the joys!!

Cady is absolutely fascinated with putting her whole hand in her mouth and seeing how far it goes. And any chance she gets, she tries to catch me off-guard (usually in converation with someone) and shoves her fist in my mouth as well. She started doing this on her last day in Maine. I talked to some friends about it because it is always reassuring to know that your toddler is not any weirder than other toddlers, and it seems as though Cady is not alone. There are at least a couple of other toddlers her age that share the same fascination.
Tonight I was making a nice pasta dinner for the three of us. Cady was in her high chair drinking her milk and munching on random things I brought her way. A cucumber here, some watermelon there, a piece of blue cheese, a couple of noodles, a whole glass of milk. RIGHT as I was putting the finishing touches on our meal (mind you, we were ALL starving), I look over to see her with her whole fist in her mouth emptying the entire contents of her stomach. As she started to vomit, one would think that she'd take her hand out of her mouth, but no. She left her hand there until she pretty much emptied the ENTIRE contents of her previously full stomach.
So, no hot dinner for us! Rob took the high chair outside to hose it off while I took care of putting the food away for the moment. Then he changed her while I dried the high chair off and brought it back inside.
Approximately 20 minutes later we all sat down to enjoy our nice meal. Oh, the joys of parenthood!


KMK said...

Oh dear. Not fun for you but hilarious to read about!

Krumpledwhiskers said...

Yup, dinner times can be quite fun around the Keenan house!

Kate&B said...

What a crazy little girl you have!!