Sunday, September 23, 2007

Jellystone...what a blast!!

Friday after work the three of us headed to Jellystone Park in Estes Park. The weather was beautiful and the drive up was relatively easy. We were meeting three other couples up there for the weekend. Rob, Cady and I scored because we went in on a bigger cabin with our friends Gretchen, Jerimy and their baby Emma. The cabin had two bedrooms, a large kitchen and living room and a pretty decent bathroom. By contrast, the other two couples had cabins that didn't even have enough room to put a pack n' play (playpen equivalent for our non-baby friends) and still walk around. They were really glorified tents.

When we pulled in, they were doing the flag lowering ceremony so Cady got to meet Yogi Bear. Yogi Bear is terribly scary so all we could manage was a distant wave. And the wave was between me and Yogi because Cady was too busy clinging for dear life. We settled into our cabin, built a campire, and waited for our friends to arrive. They arrived around 7ish and the girls stayed up late squealing (okay, Cady did ALL the squealing) and chasing each other around the cabin.

It was a rough night. Our bedrooms shared a wall and so the girls took turns, the ENTIRE night, crying. At least Emma slept in until almost 10 the next morning whereas Cady was up at her usual time of 6:45. We showered and then headed out for the "All you can eat French Toast breakfast." Our friends Debbie, Courtney and their daughter Makenzie were there so we dined together. After breakfast they had tattoos and a flag raising ceremony that we missed because we "thought" Cady was ready for a nap. Instead she "rested" for about 15 minutes and then we all went to the 11:00 Pumpkin Painting. After the Pumpkin painting we visited the park and the kids had a blast (okay, the adults did too).

We went back home and the girls both took a nap for a couple of hours while the adults layed around watching t.v., reading magazines and napping. Then the girls were up so we peeled our bodies off of the couch and got ambitious. Rob and Jerimy went outside to try and start the charcoal without fluid, and the more ambitious of the group (Gretchen and I) took the girls and went in search of the ice cream man who was supposed to be around at 4. We managed to locate someone with a radio who then scheduled us our own personal visit from the ice cream man down by our cabin!

Everyone came over at 4:30 and we had a big BBQ/Feast! We ate ourselves crazy until it was time to get cleaned up. To ensure that we could get out the door on time, we threw all four kids in the bath for some Four Toddler Soup. Well, I call it Four Toddler Soup because it was evident that there was something tasty in the broth since all four of them spent their bathtime sipping bathwater out of small cups.

After bathtime, we dressed them all up and headed out for Trick-or-Treating. WHAT A BLAST!!! I've never seen anything like it. Hordes of kids. Campers who went all out decorating their cabins and RV's. A Haunted Hike Trail, A Dance Floor, it was so much fun. We didn't even hit all of the RV's before Cady, who had already ingested an Almond Joy AND a Tootsie Roll, hit her wall.

We headed back prepared to get Cady ready for bed. But then the sugar hit and the three girls chased each other around the cabin for a good hour-and-a-half while the guys drank beer by the camp fire and the mom's held a prayer circle in hopes that the girls would wear down sooner rather than later. Eventually they did and we were able to get on with the adult activities...making Smores and playing games.

Another long night followed by All you can eat pancake breakfast...whoopie!!! :) Then we cleaned up and headed out.


KMK said...

That does sound like a blast! Great photos!

Great Aunt Sophie said...

Sounds like big fun! Does CO have a different calender? By our calender Halloween is still a month out!? Or was this just the warm up? I like the image of the mom's prayer circle...

Krumpledwhiskers said...

Colorado likes to extend their Halloween~

It's just a Jellystone. Brilliant if you ask me b/c they have no shortage of visitors to their campground when camping season would normally be winding up. We already booked our cabin for next year!