Saturday, August 18, 2007

Cady's First Haircut

We took a loooong break from Blogging while we were in Maine...but we are back. I really should blog about Maine but there is so much to write about and life has been a tad bit overwhelming lately so blogging about Cady's first haircut seems more my speed.

Today Cady had her first haircut. It's not that she has so much hair it *had* to be cut, it's more like she was starting to look a bit androgynous on some days and other days she resembled 1970's teen idol David Cassidy. We thought maybe it was time to bring back the fem look.

We took her to Cool Cuts 4 Kids, a salon tha specializes in kids cuts. We wondered how they make money since they can't charge the higher rate that can be expected for an adult cut, but after we were in and out in five minutes, it was apparent. This salon can crank them out!! Anyhow, here is the end result!





KMK said...

Very cute! How did she take it?

Krumpledwhiskers said...

She didn't enjoy it! She initially looked like she was going to cry when they put the drape around her. She didn't only because she was distracted watching the little girl next to her get her hair washed. She held it together somewhat until it was time for the bangs. I had to hold her down! She was NOT digging it at all!!