Saturday, August 18, 2007

Attack of the Yellow Jacket

So, after work on Friday we went on a Family Field trip. That's our name for mundane errand running. Our first stop was to Office Max so that I could buy a 2007-08 planner for work since mine expired in June. So there we are in the planner aisle making critical decisions such as whether I should get weekly versus monthly and whether there is any benefit to an 8 1/2" by 11" over the smaller planners when Cady, who is behind us in the cart, lets out a BLOOD CURDLING SCREAM!!! Rob and I turn around and see that her face is bright red and she has inhaled and is holding her breath for a moment clearly building up into whatever is considered to be even more intense than a blood curdling scream. Both of us look at her, then each other and I'm sure that my face was as equally perplexed as Rob's as to what was causing her pain. We had no doubt based on the intensity of the scream that there was pain coming from somewhere. Then I look down and see a yellow jacket and my initial thought is what kind of pain can I inflict on this little yellow jacket for having the audacity to sting a baby! (She's really a little girl now but at times like that, she's my baby). Rob steps on the yellow jacket and squishes him on the ground. Cady is still unable to gain her composure and is howling as loud as we've ever heard her. She's holding her hand, putting it in her mouth, and shaking it. We look at her hand and find that he stung her in the thumb but she won't let us near her hand to see if we can get the stinger out. Her thumb and palm had already started to swell. So we decide we need to get the planner and get out of there. Strangely enough, as we get to check-out who do I see but the school nurse that I work with. Mostly strange because we are nowhere near the school that I work at. We are only at this Office Max because it was near Costco which is our next errand. Dottie, the school nurse, is a chronic ice pusher. In fact I had just laughed at her (in my head) earlier that day because she was trying to push ice on our assistant principal who had stubbed her toe. Kids are constantly walking through school with ice packs for any and all ailments. So I see Dottie and tell her what had happened. She had in fact heard Cady's distress from the other side of the store. She says, "I've got an ice pack in the car, let me go get it." Okay, it's August and 90 degrees out and she has an ice pack in the car???? Sure enough she walks back in with an ice pack which was a godsend because it was exactly what we needed. There's not much more to the story except that Cady had intermittent pain the rest of the evening and throughout the night. She would break out in tears throughout the course of the evening (real, pain tears) and she kept us awake most of the night. Rob, who has been stung by a yellow jacket was more understanding that me who has been stung by nothing. He says that he remembers being stung by a yellow jacket when he was twelve and said that 24 years later he can still remember the intensity of it. Wow!!


KMK said...

Poor thing :(

I accidentally squished a yellow jacket into my knee when I was a kid, causing it to sting me but I don't remember the pain.

Miss-buggy said...


Poor baby:(
They will always be our babies