Monday, July 2, 2007

Sandals wanted

Cady LOVES her jelly sandals. One of the first things she does in the morning is brings me her jellies so that she can wear them around the house regardless of whether or not she is only wearing a diaper. They have a nice thick sole and make a great sound when she stomps her feet...which she does all the time when she is wearing them.

Okay, forgive me for the paragraps that follow. I completely recognize this as a neurotic mom moment that I never thought I'd have. One of just many I'm sure.

Cady is outgrowing her sandals!! The problem is that they only go to size 3 and she is moving into a 4, otherwise I would just go back to Target and buy the same sandal in a 4.

So, a request of my friends and family. If you should be out shopping and you find anything even slightly resembling the shoes pictured below, please buy them on the spot. You will be reimbursed and more importantly you will be highly revered by Cady.

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