Sunday, July 1, 2007


It seems as though any time we go somewhere, Cady has a really difficult time adjusting. She was a bear in Wisconsin, she was a bear at Kara's wedding in Ft. Collins and she was a bear camping. In her defense, she is getting some new teeth in and was drooling buckets the entire time. Not to mention her stomach was rock-hard and she had terrible gas, but all in all, she starting to show her colors as a girl who really enjoys the comforts of home.

We got to the site Friday late afternoon and got set up. Cady was fine with this part. There were dogs to visit at the next site and one of the couples that we were camping with had two dogs as well. She was in heaven for a moment. We were camping with two other couples with children (4 kids in all under the age of 20 months), a couple without kids and a single guy.

The first night we had some dinner (Philly Cheese Steak Sandwiches, these people can cook!!) and sat around by the campfire. We could not lay Cady down w/o her screaming her head off. Normally we might let her cry it out for a few, but being in a strange tent in a strange place is a little freaky. So I held Cady by the campire until nearly midnight when she finally passed out in my arms. She slept between us in the tent and woke up AT LEAST 10 times that night crying.

Day 2-Zucchini and steak breakfast burritos (did I mention that these people can cook?) Cady woke up grouchy and stayed grouchy all day. I literally could NOT PUT HER DOWN for a moment. And I was the only one allowed to hold her. It was a pretty challenging day. Fortunately Cady did succumb to a nap in the tent when Rob took her in and laid down with her. We "relaxed" in our chairs all day and Cady got absolutely filthy the few times I was allowed to put her down. For dinner we had baked potatoes, teriyaki chicken and sauteed veggies (I might have mentioned that these people can cook) and Cady, who already shared her wealth of dirt with me, also managed to coat me in chicken, oil, veggies, sour cream, name it! We again tried to lay her down for bed to no avail, so again I held her by the campfire and for three solid hours, our fellow campers commented on how she could hardly keep her eyes open. She quit fighting around 11 and finally fell asleep in my arms. She woke up at LEAST 10 times that night as well.

Day 3-We woke up to screaming children. Cady, who didn't sleep well, was still asleep. Rob and I on the other hand were wide awake at the crack of dawn to the sounds of toddlers who were expressing their discontent for this camping, as Cady would say, CRAP!! I got up and got ready and waited for my better 2/3 to get up and moving. They did, we packed and we high-tailed it out of there along with the other parents before we could be presented by a signed petition by the entire camp ground.

After we arrived home and Cady had a bath, she was back to her charming self. Running nekky around the house screaming and just so darn happy to be home!

And the dirty award goes to Ms. Emma!

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Miss-buggy said...

oh boy. HOw eventful. Thankfully Cooper did ok. We brought his playpen with us and he knows that and sleeps in that but he still got up anywhere between 2 and 5 times a night. BUt he loved it during the day. He too was TOO happy to be home!