Sunday, June 17, 2007


I cannot believe that it has been about two years since I've hiked. It's something that I used to do all the time but haven't done since I got pregnant! Today we met up with Cady's nanny Alicja, her daughter Basia, Basia's boyfriend Peter and their dog Luna. They took us up to Mount Falcon Park which is JUST outside of Denver. It was beautiful. Cady did pretty well in the backpack considering that we hiked not only through her dinner time but also into her bedtime. She did have a snack though since Alicja made some modified Perogies that she brought with. Yum!

Cady enjoying her meal
Cady and Alicja in color
Part 2
Hammin' it up!

The three of us

Paula and Cady

Paula and Cady

Cady and Basia

Rob and Cady

Rob and Cady
Paula, Rob, Cady and Alicja
Alicja sharing her snacks!

Cady and Alicja B&W

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