Friday, June 8, 2007

Car accident and Rock Eating...

Not sure what to tell about first. I'll let Cady tell you about the rock, then I'll tell the story about the car accident we had today.

Hi, it's Cady. I ate a rock. A big rock. A Ripley Rock. My mom and dad have to check my poop everyday and if it doesn't come out I have to go to the Doctor.

And now, my story:
Let me preface by saying my insurance guy was over yesterday and informed me that my insurance coverage never got changed when I bought my new car. He said I had pretty crappy coverage for a new vehicle. I didn't realize that and asked him to email me numbers and premiums today so I could make a decision on what I want. So, as of today I still have crappy coverage...of course!

I ran out with Cady "real quick" to get a new diaper pail before music class. As I was going up Sheridan, the car in front of me decided to do a really quick turn into the apartment complex, no signal, quick brake and turn so I had to jam on my breaks and the car behind me, totally unaware and following too close crashed into us! Hard!

Here's the fun part!

I got out of my car and asked her if she got hit too because there was a car stopped behind her (the car in front of me just kept going). She said she was okay so I suggested getting off the busy street and pulling into the apartment complex. She did. So the car that was behind her pulled in to. It was just a guy that was nice enough to witness it. THAT NEVER HAPPENS, right? He gives me his phone and tells me the police non-emergency number b/c he works at a gas station and happens to know it by heart. As I'm calling the police, this girl starts telling me to hang up so we can talk privately that I cannot call the police. She is pleading with me to get off the phone b/c she has warrants and they'll arrest her. I told her that it was already reported. And that I cannot make a claim without a report and that I'm sorry about her situation, but I'm also not willing to let her leave the scene without the police. She asks me if it's okay to leave and I tell her it's not b/c she would be leaving the scene of an accident and making it worse for herself because the police have already been called. She starts crying and saying that she has a ton of unpaid tickets and some warrants and she's going to be arrested on the spot and it's her brothers birthday tomorrow and on and on. I tell her that she really should stay that it's only going to be worse for her if she leaves the scene of an accident. She hands me her registration and says "I'm sorry, I have to go." The witness guy took down her plate and called the police to tell them she left.

The police show up and do their thing, ask which direction she went and say they'll look for her. So a whole 1/2 hour later (and a sunburned baby) I leave and I swear not even a block up, who pulls out of an apartment complex and gets directly behind me?? I notice her car first because her front end is totally smashed and the hood is all squashed up. It's HER! I see her face in my rear-view mirror and I can see her expression as she realizes who she pulled up behind, OOPS. I turn around and tell the police she is heading North on Sheridan. Later on I saw them checking out the hair places near where I was shopping (I told them she had on a hairdresser apron).

I wish there was some way to thank the guy who stopped. I told him he'll probably have good Karma for life. He stuck around and filled out a witness report. Without him this would be so much more complicated. I love people like that!

Anyhow, whatever, crap happens. I do have to spend a couple of hours across town on Wed. dealing with the adjuster/claims specialist. Fun!! Then I'll have to get my car fixed and replace Cady's seat..more fun!!

So this is the 8th time I've been hit. I don't get it!! This is the first time I've been moving. The other 7 times I was at a complete stand-still, crazy!

If you've read this far, thanks!

Now, a word from Cady.


KMK said...

Wow! That's awful that you got hit but I'm really glad that guy was there too help.

Were you or Cady hurt at all? Did Cady freak out? I can't believe you've been crashed into that many times. Crazy.

Krumpledwhiskers said...

I'm glad he was too. I told Rob that this is one we have to pay forward. No matter what the circumstance or how big of a hurry we are in, if we see something, we need to stop.
Not hurt, just incredibly sore the next day. But I've been sick too so not sure how much was swollen glands and how much was car accident. Cady is still facing rear, as you know, so she was in the ideal position to be hit from behind. She didn't even cry! She has a crazy sun-burn though from being out while the police were talking to us.
I can't believe I've been crashed into that much either. It doesn't matter what color my car is, or what kind, I'm just a magnet. It doesn't have anything to do with my driving b/c except for this time, I've always been at a stand-still! Who knows!