Sunday, June 10, 2007

Cady's Rock Update and Date Night

Here I am examining every dirty diaper for the past few days and apparently I missed it. I'm sure it was in that first dirty diaper that I somehow convinced myself was too soon and didn't examine too thoroughly. Those others though, oh yeah, I examined them well! How do we know that there is no rock? Because Cady woke up with a case of pink-eye in both eyes (courtesy of her good friend Emma). We took her to the pediatric clinic and five hours later (One trip to the Pediatrician, trip to the hospital, a lost order, an MIA radiologist) the x-ray results show that she is rock-free. Nice!

Rob and I had our first night out in months in honor of our Anniversary! And it wasn't just a one hour date which is what our last date was months ago, it was a FIVE HOUR date!! We nearly didn't go because I woke up really sick. Achy all over, swollen glands, stuffy, sore throat and very sore from the car accident. But feeling near death wasn't a good enough excuse to miss finally getting to go out. I know what happens when we postpone. Our last "almost date" was going to be Christmas shopping before Christmas and then the blizzard happened. And now it's June! We were not postponeing!

Cady's nanny came at 4:00 and Rob and I went to a movie. Knocked-up...GREAT MOVIE! We even got the theater early and just sat there and watched all of the opening trivia and commercials. What a luxury! After the movie we sat on a patio and had a portobello mushroom pizza and a bottle of Pinot Noir. It was absolutely beautiful out and we had a chance to finally just hang-out and have uninterrupted conversation. It was really really really nice! The bonus is that we are going to do it again, this week. No more waiting months for us! Rob's Birthday is Thursday and Starin and Lilly are coming over to hang-out with Cady which we know Cady will love! If you are reading this, THANK YOU STARIN!

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