Saturday, April 7, 2007

First steps, bad pics and the Easter Bunny

Looks like the Easter Bunny probably isn't coming to our house tomorrow. We went to the grocery store and decided that although it would be fun to have the Easter Bunny come, Cady cannot yet appreciate the EB nor benefit from anything EB might bring. In lieu of the EB, she is now the proud owner of a very large purple fuzzy rabbit that she picked out at the grocery store. We figured that her burrowing her face in it's belly over and over constituted a deep like and it was much cheaper than an Easter Basket that she wasn't getting anyhow. A little off topic, but we had a realization in the line at the grocery store that Cady has finally slowed down on her growth and we are no longer risking bankruptcy over baby clothes.
We took Cady for her one year pictures this morning even though she is not a year old yet. It's our only free weekend for a while. She did not cooperate at all...shocking, I know!! We hope to at least get a couple of good pictures out of it all so that it was at least worth listening to whiny-screetchy for an hour. All she wanted to do during the picture session was walk between me and Rob. She's not into letting go on her own yet when she is cruising around the house, but she is definitely doing a great job maintaining her balance during her trial runs between me and Rob. Now I know why they call them toddlers. That's exactly what she does. We're betting that she'll be toddling for sure in time for her first birthday.

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KMK said...

I can't wait to see the pics!

A fuzzy purple bunny makes much more sense than a basket.