Saturday, March 3, 2007

Whose child is she...really?!

The reason I ask is because Rob and I, two introverts, have somehow produced a HUGE extrovert! It seems like everywhere we go, Cady attracts attention. At the grocery store, she will scream at the top of her lungs to get the attention of whoever it is that she has selected to pay attention to her. She squeals until that person ackowledges her, then she acts all cutesy and tries to engage them.

Music class is a prime example of her extroversion. Every single week, she manages to take center stage. This week, once the beginning song had started, she scooted up to Nolen (a baby slightly younger than herself), put her arms around him and kept trying to kiss him. We are all sitting in a circle, so everything that Cady does gets the full attention of the group. Once she was done kissing on Nolan, she butt-scooted up to the singing teacher and sat in her lap. She rarely sits in our lap anymore because she is on the go, but I swear she just sat calmly in Melissa's lap while Melissa sung and clapped because she was able to share all the attention that Melissa gets since she is the teacher. Now all eyes were on Melissa and Cady.

Once Cady was finished with Melissa's lap, she butt-scooted over to another boy on the other side of the circle. This little boy, who was maybe 3-4 years old, was laying on his back while singing. Cady scooted up to him and started staring down at him with her head cocked. She also tried to grab his hair. I can't describe what was so funny about it, but it was definitely a comedic moment. Midsong, parents were laughing instead of singing. The little boy was NOT amused. Cady then hung out with that little boy and his parents, screaming and squealing and having a good time. Cady pretty much ditches us at music class on a regular basis now. It's pretty funny b/c Rob and I end up singing and playing all by ourselves. It's as if it's OUR music class. So, maybe it has something to do with two negatives equaling a positive, but we definitely have a child who is the polar opposite of her parents.

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KMK said...

Very funny! The image of her climbing into Melissa's lap to be the center of attention reminded me of Oscar.