Monday, March 12, 2007

What she's doing now...

Probably the cutest thing that Cady is doing right now is mimicking talking on the phone. She grabs the phone and holds it up to her ear and babbles. The other day I was changing her on the dressing table. She sat up and grabbed the phone, put it up to her ear and I swear, clear as day, she said "Hi dad".

She's cruising around the house like nobody's business. She can make her way throughout the house using furniture and walls. She can butt-scoot at lightning speed now too.

Cady is also into sharing. It's a big thing to her to share whatever she has. Pacifier. Food. Not just food from the bowl but food that she pulled out of her mouth to share. Extra-special stuff. Musical instruments. She likes to shake her tambourine and then pass it to me so that I can shake it and sing.

Still screaming and strumming her lips on a regular basis but has slowed down on the kissing, raspberries and hugs.

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