Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Super-fast on the go girl!

Wow! I'd update this blog more, but Cady is and frequently! I'm tired...all the time. Rob can attest to this. If there is a 7:00 TV show on, i'm out before 8 and then he is unable to wake me up until I've had a couple of hours of sleep...only then can he get me to climb into bed. For someone who used to stay up until midnight on work nights and who has NEVER been a napper, it's a testament to what a baby-on-the-go can do to you. I'm wiped out!

I'm not the only one. I received an email from Rob yesterday that said something to the effect of, "I can't get anything done. Cady is all over the place. I'm glad you have only 3 more months of work left. She's driving me crazy!" I came home to find that the entire house had been transformed into a giant playpen. Between baby gates and man-made obstacles, Rob had her penned in pretty good. Another feature of being on the go is the desire to find small things and put them in her mouth. And believe me..she finds them. Cat toenails, those little plastic things that price tags come on that you have to rip off of your clothes, tiny pieces of paper...she'll find them. Of course she is also TERRIFIED of the vacuum which makes it hard to get the small stuff up on a regular basis. Oh look, as I type I'm noticing that Cady is working something around in her mouth right now. I'm going fishing.

And I'm back. Were you wondering what it was? Coincidetally, part of a price tag. It wasn't the long plastic piece on the price tag, but the piece at the end. The part that if you don't use scissors and impatiently tear it off, it usually ends up ripping your clothes. Anyhow, we have a mover. A butt-scooter and a creeper. She can get around the house standing and holding onto objects. Rob found her creeping down the hall yesterday using only the wall as support. If we are not around'll know why!
Here are some cute pictures my friend took at the Children's museum
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Miss-buggy said...

she is cute as ever!!
Isn't it just GREAT fun when they get super mobile! CRAZINESS!! You think the husbands realize what we put up with when they have them all day?? LOL.
I love her Paula. She is so sweet. Thanks for letting me visit the blog. Stop by anytime!

Krumpledwhiskers said...

I doubt most husbands really get it. Rob's the exception. At least when I have her during the day, i'm not trying to get work done too, lol! Poor Rob. Glad you came by to visit Misty!