Monday, February 5, 2007

Kissy Lips

Cady might not be a cuddler but she is sooo affectionate. When I come home from work she will give me a hug. Other times she'll suddenly get this really cute "I love you face" and plant a kiss on me along with the hug. Her affection carries over to her baby friends as well. She is definitely discriminate in who she chooses to kiss. It's not just anybody and it's rarely on demand.
This Saturday we went to one of our dinner parties (Japanese this time) at Deb and Courtney's house. They have a little girl Makenzie who is one year old and one of Cady's all time favorite babies. Makenzie was napping when we got there. Whe she got up, Cady quickly scooted up next to her, put her arm around her shoulders and drew her into her for a kiss. The following day (yesterday) they came over to watch the Superbowl. The same exact thing happened. As soon as Cady saw Makenzie, she scooted up to her, grabbed her and tried to plant one on. Other people she kisses other than me and Rob are her nanny, her baby friend Emma, Emma's mom Gretchen, my mom when she visited and Stacy. It's seriously heart-warming and nothing beats a baby kiss!
Here is Cady's little friend Makenzie.
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starin said...

You forgot about her kissing Lily. :-)