Thursday, February 8, 2007

First Day Away!!

Rob dropped Cady off at Meghan's this morning for her first day away! Rob dropped her off and Cady started playing right away and gave Rob a wave good-bye with an expression of "Don't let the door hit you in the ass."
I had a really stressful day at work which was probably good because I didn't have a chance to think about how she was doing. I picked Cady up at 3 and Meghan said she did great! Cady just gave me a casual wave when I walked in the door and resumed playing. Meghan said Cady took a nap without much of a fight (one thing we worried about) and had a good time playing. She did ask me if it meant something when Cady screams. She has this really really loud piercing scream and she does it frequently. And it means absolutely nothing except Cady enjoying her voice. She was also impressed, as we are, with how voracious Cady's appetite is. Cady scoops handfuls of mac and cheese in her mouth, shovels them in quickly and eats way more than the recommended baby fist-size portion. That's our girl! When it was time to leave, Cady who usually loves to be in my arms would not stop trying to squirm out of them. She wasn't done playing. I am so happy that this is not only an option that "works" but an option that is turning out to be a very good thing for Cady.

I also thought it was cute that Meghan asked me about Cady's clothing. She asked if I pick out her clothing for Rob to dress her in the morning. I said that Rob picks them out. She was impressed by Rob's un-manlike ability to match and color coordinate!

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KMK said...

I'm glad you guys found a good solution.