Sunday, February 18, 2007

Dolly Shopping

Last night we went to one of our dinner group theme dinners. As a side note, I have to admit that my Brazillian dessert was HORRIBLE. While we were there, Cady played with Halie's dolly. She even sucked in Halie's dolly's pacifier...ewww, but cute! We realized that Cady does not have a dolly and it seems like the right time for her to have one. So, today we went dolly shopping. The whole excursion took about 3 hours! Of course before we went shopping we had to stop off for lunch at Pizzeria Uno. We don't go out to eat anymore, so it was fun to go out with Cady. She had her first french fries which she handled very well and she had the cheese off of my pizza. Total junk meal!

Then we went to Babies R' Us for the dolly. It mostly turned into a discussion of how and where Cady is going to eat and sleep while in Wisconsin and Maine this year, and how we are going to lug so much stuff on a plane. We didn't resolve anything but talked a lot. Then, when Rob went to the bathroom I started reading a great book on Colic. Finally a great book...where was it when we were needing it? It was fascinating. Basically, the same stuff they told us at the Fussy Baby Clinic. Cady was born with some advanced developmental milestone's which made her ultra-aware of how much it sucked to be out of the womb and no way to resolve the intensity of it all. Because she was ultra-aware and unable to self-soothe she would cry a lot. The crying itself upset her and would intensify things even more. Described to a T what we were going through. So of course, it took another few minutes for me to read some of this to Rob when he got out of the bathroom. Then the toy aisle. We had to play for a while with all of the toys...that is 1/2 the fun. Then we picked out a dolly. They only had four dolls! We tried out a little baby couch that folded out into a futon and wished that it was compact enough to take on a plane. We admired some cute clothes. Then we put the doll back and left empty-handed. It just wasn't the right doll! So, the end result of our three-hour trip to get a dolly was no dolly! Maybe another day.

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KMK said...

What a tiny selection!