Monday, January 22, 2007

Trials and Tribulations

Rob and I have done everything we can to keep Cady home for her first year. It's been challenging. Alicja comes over 15 hours a week. Rob works from home a couple of days and goes in late the other days. I get off early a couple of days and work one really long day to compensate. It's challenging but worth it.

The problem!

Last week Rob got a memo from The Boss. Everyone got this memo. Essentially it says, someone screwed up and nobody is working from home anymore starting THIS MONDAY!!!!!!!!!! What are we supposed to do? It's not as if you can just walk up to a daycare center and say "I would like my baby to start in 3 days." These places have waiting lists that take months before you find yourself on top. Our nanny is maxed out...and even if she wasn't we wouldn't be able to afford a full-time nanny. I'm on contract and can't just quit mid-year. Hmmmmmmm.

Okay, flashback six months. It's July and I'm getting ready to go back to work. I go to our neighborhood Co-Op daycare with Cady, determined to set-up daycare for her. I paid my non-refundable 75.00 waiting list fee. Cady and I hung-out for at least an hour. Everyone was super nice, parents are not only invited but expected to spend a certain amount of time at the facility monthly. The problem is that when I left the daycare center that day, my eyes filled up with tears and I knew that I was out 75.00 because I couldn't put Cady in daycare. I never tried to get my money back.

That was six months ago. The very next day after Rob got the memo, we get a call from this daycare saying that we have finally made it to the top of the list. We have our pick of days. WHAT????

Now Rob and I are deciding what to do. His boss granted him a small extension since it wasn't Rob who screwed up. Cady absolutely loves her nanny so that is the only thing we know we have to keep doing. Can we afford a nanny three days and daycare two days? Can Rob start working nights? We keep talking ourself in circles, ending up where we started the conversation which not having any clue. I'm a good decision maker. I tend to make quick decisions but that doesn't happen anymore. Being a parent and making parent decisions is a long drawn out process. What is best? How do you really know? At least we have options now, but it doesn't seem to make it any easier. If I had to do it all over again, I would have taken this year off and we would have made things work financially. I don't have it to do all over again so we are doing our best with the choices that we made.

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