Monday, January 29, 2007

Daycare Woes, Part II

Last week, after we received the call from the daycare, Rob and I talked and decided that we should accept the spot. Cady and I went for a visit last week. We stayed for an hour and observed. The babies got a lot of attention, but there just weren't enough people to acommodate each and every baby's need to be held. I think they did a great job trying, but it is what it is...daycare! Maybe it was my imagination, but it also seemed like every baby there, except for one, was coughing! I spent the whole visit trying to talk myself into the daycare being the right thing to do.

The benefit of the center is that Cady can be around other babies which she loves, Rob and I can work at least twice a week without the crazy scheduling that we have going on. The drawbacks. Obviously the big one being that no matter how you look at it, it's daycare. A bunch of babies sharing their time with other babies. Maybe when they are older it's okay to share their time, but I really believe that babies should have access to their favorite people as often as they need it. The other drawback is that the center is really expensive. We are already paying out the ying-yang for our nanny, and in addition to it being expensive, it is REQUIRED that you attend regular mandatory meetings, volunteer 10 hours every month AND serve on a committee. This sounds a lot like the same demands my JOB has! We find it hard to deep clean our own home without taking away more time to deep clean a daycare center. And call us crazy, but when we are not working, we really would rather spend our time with Cady.

So, I posted an ad on the mommy website and pretty much right when we had resigned to having Cady go to the center, an email came across. I was literally signing the center paperwork when I checked the email. The email was from a mom that has a 2 1/2 year old and an 11 month old. She offered to watch Cady for us one day a week. I took a chance and gave her a call. She sounded really nice. She is a former Special Education teacher and had also taught fifth grade for a few years. I casually asked her which school she taught at and she mentioned a school in Denver Public Schools. After she and I talked, I called the Social worker at the school that she had mentioned and asked her if she remembered a teacher named X. She said, "Oh yeah, we keep trying to get her to come back here. She is a solid woman. Not only a great teacher but an outstanding mom." Okay, sold! I emailed the center tonight with my regrets. Rob is going to work from home on Tuesdays and we also have two friends that have offered to come in on Tuesdays whenever we need them. The bonus is that they both have babies that Cady loves!! I think we did it. I think we can make it till May! Cross your fingers for us.

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